New Training Curriculm
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Curriculum Preview
New Training Curriculum Preview

  • The days of One-on-One Interviews have given way to Live Shots.
  • Reporter Interviews are being replaced by Stringer  and Video Journalist "interviews" (a.k.a.: "Predators"--Producer/Editor/Reporter--all in one).
  • Today's news environment has become a "do it yourself" environment.  Get ready to "self interview." Awkward--yes!
  • How to answer questions you are not asked.
  • How to conduct an interview without an interviewer.
  • Learn the Do's and Don'ts of "virtual" interviews.
Also learn...
  • If your emergency requires a multi-lingual response--how will you coordinate this News Conference--especially if its live?
There are many change in today's news environment – what doesn't change is your audience.  When cameras and mics are shoved in their faces, most PIO's lose sight of this important element.