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We can help you stay in control and protect your image-whenever the spotlight is on you, wanted or not.
Who controls the Sound Bite? You or them? Think of THE Sound Bite Specialists as your message insurance.
When the media finds you, will you be prepared? We offer customized support and guidance for your company, your agency, and your public role.

On Camera Interview Workshops:
Using real-life situations, learn how to communicate in a crisis.
New Media Training
Private Consultation

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On Camera Training
News Events: Be a Better Interview
How to Handle an Emergency
Understand the "Media Machine"
Diversity and your Audience
Private Companies and Public Events

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We offer customized support and guidance for your company or agency:
  • developing a strategic communications plan, including preparing you for interviews.
  • conduct video-taped interviews and prepare you to be an effective communicator regardless of the format, i.e. one-on-one interviews, live-shots, news conferences.
  • Prepare you to meet the press at your News Conference.
  • Develop Crisis Communication Strategies-Group workshops or individual training
  • Ethnic diversity considerations and multi-language communications
  • New Media and your organization
  • English/Spanish bi-lingual training
  • Crisis Communication strategies
  • Video Training: (1) interview tips (2) Workshops
Specialized Training:
  • How to Prepare and Plan News Conferences
  • Bi-Lingual Workshops/Training,
  • Diversity in Media
    (this curriculum developed for Homeland Security)

Public Agencies:
Conducting interviews and news conferences in other languages.

Yvette Fernandez

When the cameras
are rolling, and
questions are fired
at a rapid pace, the
sound bite is what
gets attention.

Contact us
to learn what
Yvette Fernandez
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media readiness
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